Time to Start Writing for Me

I miss you all.

That should be said first-thing, as it seems my endeavors to blog through what has become a series of rapid-fire transitions in my life were a bit overzealous. It doesn’t mean I didn’t miss you though. On the contrary, I thought about you almost everyday, as if blogging was an old friend that went away on a dangerous journey and wouldn’t return for about four months. One of the few running themes of my old posts were that time passes and people move on, but I never had any intention of the same fate befalling my blogging career. Blogging was supposed to be my steadfast friend who follows me no matter where life takes me, like Sam from Lord of the Rings, but even I suffered from the affliction that strikes even the most prudent of democratic denizens. I got busy. Like really busy. And I make no promises that it will never happen again.

I think now that I’ve come to the point of acceptance about that, I can quit looking at blogging as my ticket to freedom to one day engage in creative art day in and day out and start looking at it at what it is, an act of passion. And if one day in the far-flung future that passion gets noticed, that’s terrific. But for right now, I simply wish to blog about what I want. No business plan, no daily schedule, no strategic guides, just posts that will be ready when they’re ready. I have no idea if that will take the form of daily short posts, weekly dissections, or month-long epics. I just know that the desire to formulate some kind of blogging get-rich plan prevents me from writing to my full potential, and I’m finally at the point where fulfilled potential is all I really want. I do enough audience planning and strategic evaluation while working in the field of public relations. I really just want a place to write, and for two, twenty, or two million people who are interested to read and comment on my posts.

At this point, it’s about minimizing. When trying to lead a life of emotional and spiritual fulfillment, complexity is your enemy.


The Best Times in Life

The best times in life are not when you’re trying to make money to satisfy the American dream. It’s not the times when the hustle and bustle of life causes you to run around spastically, trying with all your might to satisfy your responsibilities. This world’s riches my be the endgame of the majority of life’s denizens, but it does not render true contentment. The best times in life are the simplest. Continue reading

Some Things You Should Know if You’re Just Starting College


Oh, so you’re just starting college this semester? Well, here’s some things you should know.

1. The high school social cliques you are familiar with will get you no where.

There are no preps, there are no geeks, there are just people. If you spend your time trying to fit into high school social roles, you will not succeed in college. People are simply people.

2. You control your own destiny.

The amount of work you put into college is what you will get out of college. In high school, it was a system. In high school, things were not often fair in the sense that some people got credit where they didn’t deserve it. In college this is not so. If you put in the hours, no matter your intelligence, you will make good grades. If you do not, you will fail. Hard work is the key.

3. Consequences.

Life does have consequences. I know it’s hard to believe, but not showing up for class and spending all of your time partying will get you an F. And don’t even think about copying anybody’s homework.

4. You’re paying for this.

The government pays for high school. You pay for college. Even if you get a scholarship, you pay with your performance. Don’t blow it by being lazy and not doing your work.

5. Oh by the way, it’s the best time of your life.

The freedom of college is something that is a wonderful experience. The different cultures and the memories made should be enjoyed. But as with all of life it’s about responsibility. Get used to it, responsibility is here to stay from here on out.