This Too Will Become A Memory

We race through life at a rate of one second per second, constantly picking up momentum as we go. Even if now, this present moment, is the most important time, it often doesn’t feel like it. We are all planning for the future, consulting the manual of experience that is our past, and trying to keep ourselves afloat among the shifting sands of the present.

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When Childhood Ends

By Anonymous:

My ten year old brain was still fogged with sleep as someone shook me awake. I opened my eyes to see a big pair of blue eyes staring back at me.

“Kim, wake up. I have to be at surgery at five this morning,” said my mother urgently. I groaned and turned over longing for more sleep. I almost fell back asleep until I heard my mother almost snarl in a voice I knew all too well. If I did not listen I would be in big trouble.

“I am giving you until the count of three to get up.”

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Seven Things We Learn as Kids that We Need to Remember as Adults


Guest post by Megan Price from A Geeky Gal. You can check out my guest post on her site as well. Enjoy!

Hi there all of you readers! I’m Meg from A Geeky Gal and this here is my guest blog post for the awesome blog Normal Happenings. Hope you enjoy my guest post on seven things we learn as kids!

There are things instilled in us as kids from our parents and lessons that we are taught in school that shape us as people, but then there’s things no one told us to do, that was just part of who we were. Maybe we just knew some of these things, or maybe a little nudging gave us the power to give birth to unbelievable imaginations so we could think how we wanted to and in turn these ideas and actions came into being. We forget a lot of these useful things as we grow up, go to school, go to work, and have families of our own. We can’t forget what things are like as a kid, and we shouldn’t give up everything we learn from that time in our lives when we grow into adults. Continue reading