I Feel Fine | Daily Inkling

Write a blog post inspired by today’s Daily Inkling:

“I Feel Fine”

Describe the last time you weren’t feeling well, but had to act like you were feeling fine.

  • We’ll post a new prompt every day!
  • Inklings are scheduled to go live at 8:30 A.M. CST every morning.
  • Write a post inspired by the prompt! Feel free to modify it as much as you like. It is your clay, so model it into whatever form you see fit.
  • Leave a pingback to this so others can see it! Simply add a link to this Daily Inkling anywhere in your response post.
  • Read/follow/comment on the works of other bloggers of the same post!

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Interested in how Daily Inklings got their name? You would enjoy this piece.

Join us!

We would like to challenge you and these fine bloggers to participate.

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Featured Response:
Daily Inkling, August 14: Imposter Syndrome | Zombie Flamingoes
Thank you for the great response and beautiful cats!

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4 thoughts on “I Feel Fine | Daily Inkling

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