Our Ezri is Not Feeling So Well

– By Nikki –

I’m here to deliver some not-so-great news. For the past week our cat Ezri has stopped eating, drinking, and being her silly self. Yesterday afternoon we received some heartbreaking news from the vet. There is a fairly high probability she could have leukemia.

Our options are pretty grim at the moment, and we are doing everything we can to get her eating and drinking again. We are giving her antibiotics, fluids, and pills to make her hungry again. If she continues to decrease in health we might have to make some hard decisions at the end of this week.

She is almost two, and I am very upset about this because it came out of nowhere. Just a few days ago she was completely fine and now she is holding on for life.

There is hope though. This afternoon we discovered it could possibly be related to Ezri ingesting a large quantity of clumping cat litter — a possible toxin for her. She’s never been the brightest cat — it would be just like her to do that.

As many of you know I recently lost my childhood cat Lucy to cancer. I really don’t want to face this again just four months after losing her.

I know some of you might consider my emotions to be a little unreasonable, but Ezri is part of my family and I am asking for you all to please keep Ezri in your thoughts and prayers. We hope she can be healed up by the end of the week and continue to live the wonderful life of a cat in her prime! We’ll keep you posted.

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