A Better Look | Daily Inkling

Write a blog post inspired by today’s Daily Inkling:

“A Better Look”

What is a work of art (book, film, video game, written work, visual art, etc) that you liked when you were younger, but enjoy even more now in the light of additional knowledge and experience?

  • We’ll post a new prompt every day!
  • Write a post inspired by the prompt! Feel free to modify it as much as you like. It is your clay, so model it into whatever form you see fit.
  • Leave a pingback to this so others can see it! Simply add a link to this Daily Inkling anywhere in your response post.
  • Read/follow/comment on the works of other bloggers of the same post!

Now sure how to participate? You might want to check out our introductory post.

We would like to challenge these fine bloggers to participate.

Featured Response:
Scattered Dream: Tracing Chains of Memories | Couch Bandits
Thanks for sharing! 😄

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