Nice Job Badges | 2.3


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Nice Job Badges

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Happy Friday, everyone! So, this week we have a very interesting situation in which a lot of very cool people responded to our tags all at once. We’re no stranger to giving away Nice Job Badges to those who reply to our Daily Inklings and Super Specific Awards, but this week was insane. We can’t promise to do this every time, but today we’ll be awarding badges to five responses to our activities this week.

Wooden Castles | Super Jan

“The last time I stepped foot on the Biddeford Primary School playground, I was around seven years old, in the second grade, and was getting ready to move on to our local elementary school. I hadn’t been back to my hometown, nestled along the coast of southern Maine, in just over five years, but decided to return home to surprise my mom over summer break.”

First up is the return of Super Jan, who is no stranger to collecting Nice Job Badges! My favorite prompt this week was “Backtracking,” in which I ask you to return to your hometown as if with new eyes. In one of the finest responses I’ve ever seen for an Inkling, Jan did just that. Journey with her through the enchanted realm of the playground.

Somewhere in the dark | Jane Dougherty Writes

“Somewhere in the dark a dream is waiting,
In the withheld breath and twig-snap of the trees,
To the rhythm of a wild heart palpitating,
Murmuring the language of the breeze.”

I could not be happier to discover this blogger this week, and I’m so glad she’s taken to replying to our Daily Inklings. I was particularly impressed with her take on poetic take on “Distant Voices,” in which Jane expresses the rhythmic sounds of nature. Keep an eye on this blogger, and don’t be afraid to follow along. She composes some fantastic prose!

Daily Inkling Challenge- “The Day After” | The Brink of Gaming

“The candle next to me has devoured more and more of its wick, throwing shadows upon the wall and casting a delicious Cafe Al Fresco aroma throughout the room, as Insomnium’s Above the Weeping Worldblares from my record player. What do I do when I come home from a vacation?”

Ready to meet another newcomer? It’s The Brink of Gaming, who has taken a break from his fine gaming analysis to respond to this week’s “The Day After” Inkling! After being shocked that, out of all the blog in all the WordPress-joints, I would pick his, he proceeds to describe the various alternate realities of what he would do after his vacation. He finally settles on three reasonable things to do before returning to work. Anyway, if you like games, go give this talented blogger a follow!

Super Specific Liebster Award | The Gaming Diaries

“He comes up with fantastic questions but they are definitely specific. I recently (well… a few months ago) posted the answers to the Super Specific Sunshine Blogger Award that he mirror tagged me in the nominations for and now I’m back with his Super Specific Liebster Award questions to answer.”

It took a while, but the brilliant Gaming Diaries finally churned out a brilliant response to my Super Specific Liebster Award challenge from a few months ago. It was well-worth the wait! In it, she came up with a supposedly boring game show that makes the graphic artist in me swoon. Called “Watching Paint Dry,” one challenge is “[predicting] the paint colour but all are shades of white and cream like Frosted Dawn, Moon Shimmer or Morning Light.” Brilliant!

Musings on the train home |
Jane Dougherty Writes

“Train slides from one world to another, from silence of bird-bicker to tumult of traffic, from bright, sharp flicker of wings to the greasy take-away throb of wheels, and the vague froth of faces fixed on their own private thoughts.”

I’m sorry, folks. I don’t normally award the same blogger two badges in the same week. This is actually the first time I’ve done such a thing. But I just can’t get over how well-composed the Inkling responses are by Jane Dougherty! I would like you to go enjoy her response to “Backtracking” as well. This short but wonderful fusion of prose and meter evokes strong feelings of nostalgia, and I’ve truly enjoyed her work this week.

We’ll be back to normal next week, highlighting wonderful posts from around the blogosphere. But this week there was such a wealth of wonderful responses that we couldn’t help but dedicate an entire Nice Job session to them. Have a great week everyone, and stay inspired!

Did I miss any amazing posts deserving of a Nice Job Badge? Let us know in the comments, and we’re happy to put them in the running for next week. And, of course, you can submit Nice Job Badge nominations any time you want on Twitter. You’ll get a shout-out for any posts that get selected for badges. As always, have a great week, and keep on doing a Nice Job at life!

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