Five Reasons Blogging Is My Passion

I’ll be the first to admit, I’m not perfect at blogging every day. Just yesterday, I missed my normal posting. That makes two Mondays in a row that I’ve failed to upload a post. And while I can make the excuse that I’ve had a couple of ginormous papers to complete for class, that excuse can only go so far. I’ve blogged for three years, but back when I had a microscopic audience, I would go for months without a single post. That’s not something I’m capable of doing now. Put simply, I’m addicted to making a post every day. If I go a couple days without doing it, such as last week, I start to go through withdrawals. There are good addictions and bad addictions. If blogging is a good addiction, that most likely makes it a passion. If blogging is a passion, that means there needs to be reasons behind that vigor. I count five of them.

1. Blogging is therapeutic.

Writing is one of the most amazing things that exist in the known universe. It can take an anomalous brain, full of disarray and entropy, and organize its thoughts in such a way that they form art. The words themselves manifest in a way that can inspire emotions in yourself and others. To me, that’s a sign of God. To others, though, that’s a sign of intense creativity. Either way, however, the act of blogging grounds the individual to the earth. The thoughts that exist solely in his or her own head suddenly exist in permanent form, able to impact the world for the better. It carries joy, anger, love, and frustration… it carries all of the emotions. It becomes my outlet, while at the same time becoming my obsession.

2. Blogging shifts my brain into creative mode.

Like a vehicle, I turn my brain on. I want to get to fifth gear (you know, using a manual transmission), but it takes time to reach that speed. Blogging is the way that I get there. No matter what, I have to activate the writing portion of my brain by writing a post. There’s something about taking the white blank page, filling it with words, and sending it out to the masses that offers momentum. That momentum can then take me into writing bigger things, like papers, research, and novels.

3. Blogging teaches me self-discipline.

As a type B personality, I must admit that goal setting was not the biggest thing on my mind. But in the business world, being able to set your mind to something and accomplish something by a deadline is vital. When I get up every morning and write a post, it teaches me to accomplish things routinely. Simultaneously, the creative nature of blogging allows that routine to never be boring or stagnant. It’s really the perfect device for both productivity and interest.

4. Blogging gets me recognition – eventually. 

I’m still kind of waiting for this one. But I will never give up hope that one day I can turn this blog into something full time. I imagine a life where I can write books and blogs for a living, being able to contribute my thoughts to the world in exchange for being able to love. I hold onto hope. One day… one day it will happen. Hopefully.

5. Blogging makes me a wordsmith. 

The path of a writer is a long and winding one. A writer must constantly practice his or her craft. Not only will one learn new worlds on this journey, but one must also learn how to use them in the most creative and relatable way possible. Like with any art or craft, that journey takes lots of practice. But that practice is rewarded in the best way possible – the ability to change peoples ideas about life with just your words. Just using your communication, the most basic of human activities, you can leave people awestruck. One day, I hope to be as good as the people who can do that.


About the photo: “In the Process” I kind of wanted to do a behind the scenes sort of picture with this one. Looking at the photo, you’ll notice I was typing this very post. I also have a very reasonable number of tabs open. If I was smart, I would get Sara to act like she’s typing this post, but I don’t guess I’m smart.

Screen Shot 2015-09-07 at 4.15.06 PM


I’ll have you know I am capable of following today’s Daily Post prompt. I actually thoroughly enjoyed typing it.



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