Singular Saturday 1: Exploring YouTube Videos with ZERO Views


I have an obsession. I love tracking down and watching YouTube videos that have never been watched. I feel like I’m exploring a brand new world; peering into the lives of other people and being a part of something that is truly unique. And so, each week, I’m going to make it my goal to bring in a brand new batch of unseen YouTube videos and share them with you. Along the way, I hope we all can enjoy the thrills of finding something new.

I use a website called Underviewed to find a lot of these. Find a video on there often leads me to other unviewed YouTube videos, which I collect as favorites. There’s just one problem… as soon as I watch a video, they cease to be unviewed. In essence, the videos lose their unexplored nature and come into the light of day.

Here’s the only rule. They must have either zero or one view when I find them. If they have one view, I’ll assume that only the original recorder viewed it, leaving it fair game for unique viewing on YouTube.

First on my journey this week, I was treated to this lovely rendition of the Peanuts theme song, overlayed by this random picture of a girl. Don’t bother skipping forward, that’s the only thing there. I’m guessing this is the result of a video editor and its inexperienced user letting a video into the wild before its prime.

Views: ZERO

Next, I was treated to this adorable baby, attempting desperately to make sense of what his mom was trying to do. It’s a shame that this video has no views, as surely the family wants to see this bonding time play out.

Views: ZERO

After that, I discovered this video of these guys doing some kind of funky group dance. I find it odd, because you rarely find event videos so terrifically unscathed. They’ve all got skillz, too.

Views: ZERO

Next, I seemed to reach the travel portion of the adventure. This looks like one of those Florida rains I have to summer through when I go to the beach.

Views: ZERO

My gosh! Look at this beautiful helicopter ride through the mountains. You’d think somebody would be into this illustrious sight.

Views: ZERO

Now this is absolutely beautiful. Somebody must have snuck a camera on an airplane, and now we get this beautiful video of the plane taking off.

Views: ZERO

Well, we’ve taken a ride in a car, in a helicopter, on a plane, might as well finish on a boat.

Views: ZERO

What the heck is this?

Views: ZERO

I remember when I had swimming lessons as a kid. I learned how to do everything but swim.

Views: ZERO

These dolphins took their trainers on a flip. Annnddd… nobody cares. Why?

Views: ZERO

Hey! Do you think that they were just… planted there… for this video?
*Fake laugh*

Views: ZERO

For real though, there are no stalkers whatsoever peaking in on this female weightlifting class? None at all?

Views: ZERO

I love food, but I have no idea what this delicious looking stuff is.

Views: ZERO

I’d like to end this whole thing by introducing you to a kid named Elisha. Here’s Elisha driving a bumper car thingie. And nobody’s the least bit interested.

Views: ZERO

But there’s more to Elisha than meets the eye. Here he his trying his hand at Sweet Home Alabama on guitar, before settling into the more comfortable riffs of a Green Day song. And, still, nobody cares.

Views: ZERO

So naturally, Elisha thinks, if nobody wants to watch my videos on the acoustic, I’ll just switch to electric. Nope, that didn’t work either. Poor, poor Elisha.

Views: ZERO


Honorable mention goes to this girl doing some kind of exotic dance in front of a classroom. You’ve got guts, that’s for sure.

Views: 67

Second honorable mention goes to this cute cat video. The internet’s full of them, but they never get old.

Views: 69


Screen Shot 2015-09-07 at 4.15.06 PM

Responding to today’s Daily Post prompt: Trick or treat! A Saturday post from Mars Gone Mad should really scare you.




One thought on “Singular Saturday 1: Exploring YouTube Videos with ZERO Views

  1. To be honest, many of those zero viewed videos didn’t have interesting titles, but the original ones from the camera used to make them. If the uploaders weren’t so lazy, those might have gotten attention.


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