Yes, I Do Believe in Soulmates


Idealism runs deep in my veins. I believe there is a mountain of evidence that human beings strive to be good. And I believe that life, despite its routine and consistent pain, is a wondrous marvel to behold. I believe that a greater force exists to provide and allow joy in the life of even the most disparate ones of us. And I believe ardently in soulmates, the most idyllic form a relationship can take.

Soulmates are real. Two people, designed exclusively to compliment and supplement the other, existing continuously in a life-long cycle of love and loyalty to one another.

This is a notion so controversial and debated that it’s caused some to not believe in the existence of true love in any situation. They think that love is just an illusion to help humanity survive another day. Still others believe in soulmates so strongly that they will bind themselves to everybody they’re attracted to, leading to a miserable string of broken hearts. Most are just indifferent to the concept at all, too distracted by daily life to care.

So let me clarify something. I believe in soulmates. I do not believe in universal soulmates. I do not believe that everyone is capable or in need of living this closely to someone for the duration of a lifetime. For some, that type of lifestyle simply is not appealing. It would be depressing for them to be chained to someone for a lifetime of missed potential and deep-rooted longing for something different. In fact, I believe jumping to the conclusion that one is in a soulmate relationship too early causes a great deal of relationship problems when you get married. And some people, no matter how much they long for that kind of love, just don’t get it. A different plan, a greater course, is the picture being painted of their life.  To you I say this. Don’t be sad. Don’t lose heart. It’s not you. You are as brilliant of a person as anyone, perhaps more. Just because a soulmate is not in your story doesn’t mean you can’t tell a compelling one.

But no matter how hard you try, you cannot search for soulmates. Many things in life are a quest, and you must actively go and pursue them wholeheartedly. Soulmates are not one of those things. They must come to you, indifferent to your pursuits. One day, when you least expect it, the right combination of things occur and suddenly it happens. For me, it happened on January 10, 2008.

They come like the rarest, most wonderful dreams you’ve had. The kind of dream where you wake up gracefully with a smile on your face and the last few bars of a song you’ve long forgotten are ringing fresh in your head. They come collapsing out of nowhere, an explosion, crashing in on your life and altering its course forever. Suddenly the question is not who you should date. Instead it’s how I can walk side-by-side with this person, making him or her feel on top of the world.

Dizzy with glee. Elated with opportunity. A lifetime of relationship contentment. That is a soulmate. And I believe in soulmates because I have found one.


About the photo: “Eyes” The first person to name the movie poster the photo was inspired by gets a free internet. Also, did I mention they make a great couple to photograph? Because they really do. Thanks Danielle and Zach.


Today’s Daily Post prompt for today is actually perfect for day one of Relationship Week! Between using my blog topic suggestion yesterday and this prompt today, I am super happy with Daily Post!



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