Photography Roundup Week 2 / Status Update

Fridays are becoming the one day of the week where, instead of brooding, I get to talk to you all about a bunch of cool stuff going on and I get to express myself creatively. It’s like journalism, except you only have to do it once a week. I hope you enjoy.

First, this week’s photography roundup! 

Another week, another five pictures. Obviously, taking pictures of my fiancee is more fun than taking pictures of just trees. Now we get pictures of my fiancee AND trees. For real though, we had a lot of fun doing this photoshoot. Out of over 200 pictures taken, we got around 20-30 really good ones. I’ll roll them out as blog subjects call for them. You’ll notice that each photo now has an epic sounding name. Epic sounding names are cool.

As always, please vote for your favorites of the week. Your votes help me to become a better photographer.

Monday – “Raggedy Brick Wall”


Tuesday – “A Bridge to Inspiration”


Wednesday – “Let’s See What’s Out There”


Thursday – “Rain Glitter”

feature template2

Friday – “Alone, Unknown”



What’s on the agenda? Glad you asked. I’ve got a nice repository of photos for next week, but I’m trying to talk Sara into doing another photoshoot, this time in a more “downtownish” environment, at some point this weekend. If that works out, I’ll try to integrate both. I’ve also confirmed a photoshoot with a (literal) couple of friends of ours. I’ve been holding off on the relationship advice until I can finally manage to get pictures of, you know, relationships and stuff. Finally, one of my friends that’s a guy has also volunteered to be the subject of a photoshoot, so that will help mix things up as well.


Second, do you want to know about one of my nooks?

Let me tell you about one of my nooks. No, I’m sorry, let me show you one of my nooks.


I’ve written many blogs, many papers, and studied a lot of different articles from this very spot. I’m not going to tell you exactly where it is for fear of someone getting jealous and stealing it, but I will say it’s on my college campus. I’m freakishly tall, so I like inhabiting freakishly tall places. I sit here, with my headphones on, and I draw inspiration from the constantly changing weather conditions. One moment, it’ll be bright and cloudless, which casts a happy, albeit hot, glow over the entire campus. The next moment, like this one, will be right before the clouds burst open and unleash a terrific rainfall. I guess it’s true about weather in Alabama. Wait five minutes, and it will change. Still, it’s an incredibly inspiring place to work.


Third, let’s talk technical difficulties.

I discovered last week that it was impossible to follow this blog on WordPress. Well, after what was probably the best interaction I’ve ever had with customer service, we got it all worked out with Jetpack support. There’s now a follow button on the right hand sidebar, and hopefully one integrated with your WordPress top bar or appearing when you scroll down the page. Seriously, though, I need you to comment and tell me if you’re still having issues following the blog. If so, I’ll do my best to get it figured out as soon as possible.

Also, what happened to the WordPress likes this week? I’m worried that some of you are unable to like individual posts anymore. I say this because my stats indicate that I’m receiving an increase in followers, views, and positive comments, but a dramatic decrease in WordPress likes. There can be only one of two explanations for this. Either it’s a technical issue with Jetpack/Wordpress, or my posts this week simply were not appealing. Hopefully it was the first one. Please let me know if it’s the second one, and I’ll certainly do my best to improve my writings. I take comment criticism well, I promise.


About the photo “Alone, Unknown”
If there were a photography that perfectly exemplified an introvert like me, this one would be it. Alone to think, with nobody around but the evening sunbeams and the river in the distance. No pressure. No problems.


Screen Shot 2015-09-07 at 4.14.38 PM

The answer to today’s Daily Post daily prompt is: yesterday. I wrote lots and lots of class notes yesterday in my notebook.



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