The Greatest Ideas Live On

Science fiction has this one concept it uses and abuses absolutely to no end. It’s the multiverse theory, which is the idea that an infinite number of alternate realities exist based on each and every choice that we make or don’t make. That means there is a universe out there I invented Facebook. There’s one where I’m a homeless person living on the street. And there’s one where this blog became an overnight sensation and gains millions of views a month.

What? A guy can dream.

For the record, I think the theory is absolutely bogus. I’m no astrophysicist, but it seems to me like this is just a cultural trope that garners its power from its inherent entertainment value. Basically, it exists because it sounds cool and gives people a strange hope, just like time travel or faster-than-light speed. None of these are actually possible with a current understanding of science.

All that considered, what if there really is a universe out there where all of your greatest ideas go to thrive? These ideas are created but never acted upon because you’re either too busy, too scared, or most likely too poor to actually try to accomplish them.

To that end, a few years ago I came up with the greatest idea in the world. That means right now there’s a Matt out there that is owning and operating the Cold Pizza Cafe.

You’re already aware of my affinity for pizza. Heck, it even says it in the bio at the end of every post I write. But the only thing that’s better than a delicious freshly baked pizza is pizza that has sat in the refrigerator for the night, deliciously consumable for breakfast the next morning. The Cold Pizza Cafe would make that happen on demand. The pizza would be cooked fresh the day before, and patrons could walk in the next day to order a cold pizza of their choosing. Meanwhile, preparation of the next day’s pizzas would be going on behind the scenes. There you have it. Top quality, day old, deliciously savory, cold pizza on demand.

You have my permission to take that idea and make it happen, if only so I can experience this type of cold pizza bliss in my lifetime. All I ask is that you do something to help me make my writing successful when you become a million dollar company.

And that, everyone, is my one great idea that is thriving out there somewhere in the multiverse. And right next to one of many Cold Pizza Cafes is your greatest idea. What is it? What’s the best idea that you’ve ever had that you’ve never acted on? Why not? Let’s talk about it in the comments below.

About the photo: So we’re walking together on this bridge. I stop and ask her what she wants to eat? She stops for a second, purses her lips with her finger, the exclaims that she wants cold pizza. Thus, this blog post was born. In an alternate universe, of course.


Screen Shot 2015-09-07 at 4.14.38 PM

In an alternate universe this is today’s Daily Post daily prompt.



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