The World in Black and White

Today, August 20, 2015, is a perfectly normal Thursday. You get up, go to class, talk to your friends, hang out with your fiancee for a little while, play a few video games, and then go to bed. While your asleep you dream of flying, black holes, and eating Chipotle.

You wake up to the bright sunbeams, but something is not right. The world is in black and white. As if sucked into a movie from the 50’s, there’s not a single thing in brilliant color. You sit up in shock, blinking rapidly to try to make everything turn back to normal. But it doesn’t. You jump up out of your bed without even giving your blood time to start flowing normally, although the fright of this has already caused your heart to beat at twice its normal rate.

A plain piece of paper, presumably nestled on your pillow, flutters in the air.

“You can return just one object back to its original color.”

Looking around you, you suddenly miss a world so vibrant and beautiful. The familiar blue hue of the sky settles into a grey blob with the white clouds suddenly an eerie contrast. You suddenly can’t tell the different between a dragonfly and a wasp. As you carry on your day, you notice people suddenly seem so hopeless and melancholy. They exist in a world without color, with the grey highlighting all the problems they face everyday. It’s just the memories of a colorful world now, and that’s not much to go on.

But there you have it. The power to give color, crumpled up in your pocket. The choice is yours. One object. Big or small. Symbolic of everything lost to a world of black and white.

Make your choice.

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[In avoidance of today’s Daily Post daily prompt, West End Girls. I’m really bad at following directions.]


5 thoughts on “The World in Black and White

      • Of course I’ve already chosen the sky so I’m sure everyone in the world will be able to see it. Maybe you need to choose the ground! We’d all be able to see it, too. If everyone gets to choose one thing, maybe all the color will be back in short order.


  1. I would choose the sky as well. Or maybe the sun. I love how the sky lights up in various shades of orange when it shines through all that cloudy fluffiness 🙂


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