The Five Secrets of Relationships – Work, Hard Work

My grandparents are farmers.

Every morning they get up at the crack of dawn, dressed to the nines in boots and jeans, and go out to plant and harvest. From sunrise to sunset, they are constantly working to grow food.

And it is work.

But the type of relationship they have with the fields is exactly the type of relationship you must have with your significant other.

“Therefore, I believe in work, hard work.”

If you’ve spent any time in Alabama, you’ll recognize those words as a section of the Auburn creed. While it’s fairly good educational advice, it’s even better relationship advice. If you aren’t prepared to invest a lot of time, effort, emotions, sentiment, and purpose into a relationship, you aren’t prepared for a relationship.

Because a relationship involves a lot of work. Planning. Fights. Stress. Sympathy.

Constant challenge.

It’s sharing talents, helping each other through heartache, and living in relationship with one another.

Don’t always assume that work isn’t enjoyable. There must be something that’s gotten my grandparents out of bed every morning. I believe that thing is love. Love of the work. Love of getting out and experiencing nature. Love of watching the ground transform into a massive harvest.

In the same way, every moment with the one you love is more important than the work. Like exercise, the work adds to the healthiness of the relationships. Two people who walk side-by-side with one another, becoming more seasoned with age. And the fun outweighs the work. Two people should enjoy being with one another enough to spend a lifetime together. It’s worth it.

Love is greater than loneliness, and the type of relationship that lasts a lifetime is so overwhelming that the hard work that goes into it seems negligible.

Catch part two tomorrow!

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[Dear Daily Post, I don’t feel like writing about tattoos. But I do feel like writing a five part series about relationships. Is that okay with you?]




2 thoughts on “The Five Secrets of Relationships – Work, Hard Work

    • I probably should have more thoroughly planned out this series before I wrote and published this one. I didn’t realize I would be going on vacation before I had the chance to finish it. I plan to revise and enhance this post on Monday and do a new post in the series Tuesday-Friday. Sorry to keep you waiting. Thanks for visiting my blog, though.


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