Hardee’s Commercials Disgust Me


I know all too well that my harsh criticism of Hardee’s commercials featured in this blog post will only serve to fuel their status as an advertising superpower. I don’t care, because Hardee’s commercials really disgust me. Specifically, I’m referring to their campaign where they feature a generic “sexy supermodel” messily chowing down on a big, greasy burger. The one bite of burger she takes in the commercial probably has more calories than she eats in an entire week.

Let’s jump straight into the reasons.

Food and porn don’t mix. I might be convinced to be turned on by a scantly dressed, shallow, completely manufactured girl… if, you know, I wasn’t already in a God-centered relationship with a deep, brilliant, beautiful woman.

I also might be convinced to yearn for your huge, juicy hunk of meat on a bun if it wasn’t greasy and dripping with things like hot sauce, blue cheese, or ketchup. Also, the unappetizing splat sound the burger makes when if falls from an indeterminate height does nothing to increase its appeal.

But combine the two, and it equals an explosive combination of disgusting. I can’t even understand why a restaurant like Hooter’s is so popular. When I’m a restaurant, I wan’t to focus on the food, the family and friends that are with you, and maybe the culture behind the food. I do not want to focus on half-naked women. I feel the same about Hardee’s commercial campaign. It’s repulsive.

Think of the children. I’m still trying to figure out why the FCC hasn’t banned commercials on children’s networks that seem pornographic in nature. But in reality I probably wouldn’t want the government meddling that far into television. That being said, I’m fairly certain Hardee’s should have the common sense to keep their commercials off of freaking Cartoon Network!

Limit your commercials to places like Spike TV, Comedy Central, and MTV. Places where things like that probably be appreciated. Or are you really so dumb as to target hungry pregnant women watching Tom & Jerry with their kids… using commercials designed to appeal almost exclusively to men?

I really hate being pandered to. Pandering is where you use shallow advertising appealing to a person’s primal feelings… specifically in this case sex appeal. And nothing ticks me off faster than being pandered to. The only reason these commercials exist is to get guys to associate lust for a girl with lust for a big juicy Hardee’s burger.

Well congratulations… you just pandered me to drive straight past Hardee’s and over to Jack’s to get my burger fix. Believe me, your food isn’t so good that I can’t live without it. Go fill your restaurants with the type of people you target in your commercials. That IS how business works, right?

about the author

[This post was originally published on January 2, 2014. It’s been revised and republished for a variety of reasons. First, that All-American burger looks gross. Second, I removed some of the harsh stereotyping because I’m a better person now. Third, it kind of sort of fits today’s Daily Post daily prompt.]

[Thanks to Elizabeth Robinson for the suggestion!]




2 thoughts on “Hardee’s Commercials Disgust Me

  1. Up in this neck o’ the woods, the offending fast food burger joint is “Carl’s Jr”. Hardees died. Probably from ingesting some of that fat and grease that they cook their food in…but I have no proof.


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