Five Signs Your Significant Other is Your Kindred Spirit

When you’ve been in a relationship with someone for over six years, some strange things begin to happen. It’s like your souls become a part of some kind of harmonic convergence, and you two suddenly become each other’s kindred spirits. How do I know? Well, it’s happened to me. Here are some signs that you and your significant other have become kindred spirits.

1. You’re able to read each other’s mind.

Well, okay, so I’m not talking about a telepathic link where you can read each other’s thoughts word for word. But you’re suddenly linked on a subconscious level, one that’s out of your direct control. For example, I’ll be thinking about a conversation I had with my mom earlier in the week, and suddenly she will just bring up my mom in a conversation. Or she’ll be thinking about Doctor Who, and I’ll make some off-hand remark about a person looking like David Tennant.

2. You start dancing to a jingle in Target at the same time. 

This one’s really freaky. You’ll be in the electronics section listening to the jingles from the TV’s play over and over and over again. But this time, you suddenly feel like dancing to it. But also, she suddenly feels like dancing to it as well. And then you end up freaking each other out because you both started dancing to a Target jingle at the same time. Weird.

3. You hold conversations with them when they’re not around. 

You’re going to start having an invisible significant other following you around. You’ll be driving one day, all calm and collective, when a minor traffic slowdown will occur. Suddenly, out of the calmness you’ll hear him or her in your head screaming at the traffic for you. This will weird you out to begin with, but this voice will continue to follow you around persistently, inputting his or her perspective onto everything you do in life. Pretty soon, you’ll start talking to your new constant companion in your head like they’re actually there. You’ll question your sanity, but for some reason you know you’re okay.

4. You automatically know if they will like something.

Imagine an encyclopedia with all of your significant other’s likes and dislikes. Well, one day you’ll realize that you’ve memorized that encyclopedia in its entirety. Look, a selection of salads at Fresh Market! There’s no reason to call her, we’ll just consult the encyclopedia!

Well, let’s see here. She likes chicken and hates pork. She likes fruit but hates weird veggies. She likes cheese but hates ranch. Ahh! The blue cheese berry power salad it is!

Picking up flowers, small trinkets, movies, and especially Starbucks suddenly becomes incredibly easy when this happens!

5. You have no secrets. None at all.

I can confidently say that she knows everything about me, and I know everything about her. Comfort comes in the realization that neither of us hide our opinions, quirks, past, talents, or anything else. We just love everything about each other, flaws and all. With this type of relationship comes a connection that truly makes us kindred spirits.

Okay, so obviously all of these things were taken from real-life examples of my relationship with my fiancee. Still, I have this nagging feeling the ones of you in committed relationships have had similar experiences. If not, prepare yourself because it’s coming. Please, share your kindred spirit moments below in the comments.

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[Thanks Sara Nicole Headley for the suggestion]


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