A Line of the Times

Who are you? No, not the sum of your interests and beliefs and environment and experiences and stuff. I mean… who are you in relation to time?

Your entire lifetime is a line, and currently the you here reading this are at one specific point on that line. Where are you on that line? The beginning or the end? If your in your twenties like me and most of the readers of my blog, you’re probably about a quarter of the way done with your line. Let that sink in. But don’t let it sink in too much, because quite frankly it can be a bit scary and overwhelming. You get three more of these and then, well, eternity, whatever you think that is for you.

Existence can be very hard to process. We are travelling though time, and amazingly can recognize that passage. We can even stop, and take snapshots of time in the form of memories. We recognize that one event leads to another, and we even understand the concept of consequences. I think this is undoubtedly what makes us human and differentiates us from other animals.

But it’s so weird, because I will never be the version Matt I was yesterday ever again. And you know what? I really liked that Matt, and the one that came the day before. And yet, each time we sleep, we transition to the next version of ourselves. The only fragments we have of ourselves are memories.

How? How is this possible? I really don’t get it.
Who I am at 23 years, 7 months, and 17 days seems really important to me, but that’s so fleeting.
Tomorrow I will be at 23 years, 7 months, and 18 days, at it will be just as important to me.
But every day we change, develop, make decisions, and time passes while we’re too busy to notice.
Time slips through our fingers even while we’re attempting to capture it. The clock is always ticking, and we’re designed to never stay in one place.

Just try to understand; I really want you to get this.
You will never be the you you were yesterday again. 

There’s only one thing to do. Let now be the most important time. Always focus on the now. Yes, be busy investing in your future, but don’t forget that the future is always changing and you will be a completely different person for it.

Do you have a big math test coming up? Study, but don’t forget to take time for now.
Do you have a big work project coming up? Work as hard as you can, but don’t forget to take time for now.
Do you have a big crush on someone? Pursue them, but don’t forget to take time for now.

Now is the only thing you have any control over, and that’s important to realize early.
Because one day you’ll wake up and realize that your now is coming to an end.

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