5 Places You Can Work Away From Home

If you’re like me, you’ve got a lot of work that can be done on the computer. Whether it’s planning a lecture, finishing a paper, or researching for an assignment, I always have work to do. I’m sure you’re the same. But, as mentioned last blog, home should not be the place where work overwhelms your life. It’s a place where you should be with family, making valuable memories and restoring your life. A good strategy is avoiding the house when doing excess work, and here are five places you can do that

1. Go to the library.

Seriously, the library is designed for study and productivity. Not to mention you have countless resources at your disposal.

2. Go to the park.

If the weather’s beautiful and the temperature isn’t 100 degrees, this is a great option.

3. Go to the coffee shop.

Yeah, it’s stereotypical, but there are ways to save money while you’re there.

4. Go to the most scenic place you know.

If you live near a beach or a lake, this could work very well. Find your favorite place in the world, haul your camper chair and computer, and plug away at the keyboard in nature. If tall buildings are more your forte, the same principle applies. Every city has small parks strewn throughout.

5. Go to your back yard.

Okay, maybe it’s not the best, but at least you get to get out and breathe in some outdoor air.

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Tomorrow: How to Save Money at Starbucks

Photo: Blount Park, Montgomery, AL

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