My Class 1 Pet Peeves

There are twenty things in my life that just annoy the crap out of me. Because I’m super weird, I’ve decided to rank them in much the same way that the American judicial system ranks misdemeanors. This means Class 4 is the least offensive, while Class 1 is unforgivable. Here’s the worst of the worst.

5. Compulsive Lying


It must be hard, weaving a tapestry of lie after lie. I get it, you do it because you need to. You must craft a fictional world because you think it helps people like you more. But just know I’ll never trust a single thing you say.

4. Stupid Pop Music


Hey everyone, let’s turn on the radio to this thought-provoking emotional journey mindless piece of fluff.

3. Sexual Pandering


Let me explain this. It’s when people, especially women, put their bodies on display in order to strategically gain an advantage in society. You truly lose a part of yourself when you do this.

2. Politics


Congratulations, America, the people who run our country is run by a beauty concert. Most of this is our fault, because we never ever research our candidates in detail.

1. Click-bait!


I hope whoever first came up with click-bait and forced me to use this format gets burning coals from Santa every year. Please tell me that we, as a people, are smarter than the knee-jerk reaction of clicking on a misleading title.

That was all twenty of my pet peeves. Put these blog posts together and you have a top twenty list.

Word count: 249

Tuesday: Class 4 Pet Peeves
Wednesday: Class 3 Pet Peeves
Thursday: Class 2 Pet Peeves
Friday: Class 1 Pet Peeves

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