My Class 3 Pet Peeves

There are twenty things in my life that just annoy the crap out of me. Because I’m super weird, I’ve decided to rank them in much the same way that the American judicial system ranks misdemeanors. This means Class 4 is the least offensive, while Class 1 is unforgivable. I’ll be going through the list this week, with the most heinous of all pet peeves on Friday.

5. Pointless debates about fictional universes on social media.


I understand the need to immerse yourself in a fictional universe. People appreciate a sense of order in a universe that seems chaotic. But really, who cares if a lightsaber has a crossguard. Nobody wants to know about your Disney fan theory. And Korra and Asami aren’t gay!

Oh… they are? Crap.

4. Pointless debates about religion on social media.


I won’t speak to this too long, but, when you’re in the midst of a heated argument about baptism, have you ever thought that maybe nobody’s right? Also, have you thought maybe you’re not representing your faith very well?

3. Trolls


Speaking of internet culture, to those people that intentionally try to hurt people’s feelings… GET A LIFE!

2. Like, a lot, like, of likes in your, like, sentences. 


Like, do you, like, understand how annoying this is. This is, like, the most annoying vocal filler word, like, ever.

1. Checking phone mid-conversation. 


I’m about to be really mean. If you do this, you’re a disrespectful jerk. Please change your ways.

Word count: 240

Yesterday: Class 4 Pet Peeves
Tomorrow: Class 2 Pet Peeves

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