My Class 4 Pet Peeves

There are twenty things in my life that just annoy the crap out of me. Because I’m super weird, I’ve decided to rank them in much the same way that the American judicial system ranks misdemeanors. This means Class 4 is the least offensive, while Class 1 is unforgivable. I’ll be going through the list this week, starting today and ending on Friday.

5. Straw man arguments

This is way too difficult to describe in less than 250 words, so I’m going to let PBS Idea Channel take over. Still, I see this type of thing all the time in dramatic Facebook comment wars.

4. Dark grey background, light grey text. 

It’s everywhere. Even on my WordPress panel. What I don’t understand it who’s idea this was. It does against every design standard I know.




3. Literally

Surprisingly this is only a class 4 pet peeve. This is because I understand the need for emphasis. It doesn’t make it right, I just have trouble getting too mad at it.


2. Misspelling “Congratulations”


This one really ticks me off. People constantly misspell this, and it’s frustrating to watch as smart people hold their tongue against people who think there’s a “D” in this word. The only D is on your third grade spelling report card.

1. Pinching


There’s only one reason why this one isn’t a class 1 pet peeve, and that’s because I understand its potential as a flirting technique. But please know, tiny fingers can render an incredible amount of kinetic energy in a very small location. I guess what I’m saying is… PINCHING HURTS! And it leaves huge bruises on really white people like me.

Word count: 217

Tomorrow: Class 3 Pet Peeves

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