Moving Out, Moving On

Today I will tell you the story of how I finally moved out of my parents house.

As you know, I’m at Auburn University working on my Master’s program. But, that very nearly was not the case. You see, I had been wrestling for months with whether or not I should go ahead with what I had worked so hard to set up; that is, getting my GTA position at Auburn.

Well, the weekend before I had a serious crisis, and decided not to go. I concluded that I was tired of school, and wanted to find a job and make some actual money. I, a man of very little indecisiveness, was changing my mind about once every two hours, and was putting my poor girlfriend and family through a whirlwind.

My classes started on Monday. Finally, the day before, I had a moment of clarity. I felt God telling me that I needed to witness to a place I was concerned was so ungodly. I even wrote down what he was telling me. And so, with the help (and frustration) of my family, they got me moved in at the eleventh hour.

I miss my family, and I miss being with my fiancee, but I know I’m in the right place.

Know this, there’s no shame in being confused about what you want to do with your life. New adventures breed new concerns, and you’re not a coward for second guessing yourself. You’re just a person, like me.

Word count: 248

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