Random Thoughts While Listening to Taylor Swift’s “1989”

I don’t always take notes when I listen to music, but when I do I transform them into a blog. This is just a side post of mine where I address some things brought up yesterday.

  • I talked about how tracks 1, 12, and 13 didn’t make a lot of sense. Instead of having three songs that don’t make a lot of sense on the album, maybe have some epic buildup music ala David Crowder Band or Sufjan Stevens. That’s the direct a lot of artists have been going lately, and it seems to work exceptionally well. Or, frankly, what’s the problem with having a ten-track album?
  • Swift curses exceptionally well on this CD. I don’t cuss, and an not a fan of it But each time she utilizes profanity, it is to artfully convey a message. It never feels gratuitous.
  • Double entendres, however, are abundant, and were undoubtedly intentional. “Got a long list of ex lovers” is made to sound like “Starbucks lovers.” “You left a really deep cuuuuuut” is made to sound like a word we don’t say on this blog. Etc…
  • I swear that’s Pikachu’s recovery move sound effect from Super Smash Bros. sampled in “I Wish You Would.” Can’t unhear.
  • I don’t want people to think I didn’t like those other three songs, especially “We Are the Foxes.” I find it to be a very good song… for a bonus track. I think I’ve developed this image of what the album means to me, and it just doesn’t fit.

Yesterday: Defending Taylor Swift’s “1989” Album

Word Count: 250 Words

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