Defending Taylor Swift’s “1989” Album

As a 23 year-old male, the last thing you would expect is for me to like Taylor Swift’s massively popular new album. And yet, I can’t deny that it’s a well crafted record which appeals to the audience’s emotions especially well. It’s a brilliant pop album.

The whole album is a “coming of age” story about relationship maturity. From the wild, dramatic recklessness of “Blank Space” to the mature, deep passion of “This Love,” each song chronologically steps from stereotypical Taylor Swift to deep, mature Taylor Swift. As the album progresses, the skill of Swift’s word crafting increases until it reached critical mass with the ridiculously talented trio of “Wildest Dreams/How You Get the Girl/This Love.” In “Wildest,” Swift is departing from her old ways, relegating them only to particularly spontaneous dreams. In “Get the Girl,” Swift celebrates the unmatched pleasure of being in a committed relationship. And “This Love,” is one of the most creative artifacts of a romance I have ever heard. Trust me, Swift will never match this level of songwriting or musical craftsmanship again.

The album is not perfect, though. It needed to start with “Blank Space” and end with “This Love.” Tracks 1,12, and 13 simply subtract from an otherwise perfect experience. What does the record have to do with New York? “We Are the Foxes,” while catchy, is a Hunger Games soundtrack reject. And the album ends on a depressing and weird note with “Clean.” More on that tomorrow.

Tomorrow: Random Thoughts While Listening to Taylor Swift’s “1989”

Word count: 250 words.

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