Four Drawbacks of Being an Only Child

Just because I enjoyed being an only child does not mean it didn’t come with a particular set of drawbacks. These are the type of things I experience because of my status as an OC.

1. Your life is accompanied by a particularly nasty stereotype.

I don’t think anyone who knows me will deny the following statement: I am quite a unique individual. I always have been. When asked if I was an only child the reaction was always, “Well that explains things.” No. It doesn’t. All of my social quirks exist because that’s who I choose to be. Not because I have no siblings.

2. You lack a person your age who is required to love you no matter what.

There is a case to be made that a brother or sister is a mandated friend who helps to prevent loneliness. That is probably true, but you determine your loneliness based on that simple truth.

3. You tended to get in trouble for seemingly minor infractions.

This would be the most frustrating part of my development. I was a good kid, but when all parental eyes are focused on you, there’s nothing to compare behavior to. This means parents can often unknowingly overact to simple miscommunication, thinking they’re acts that require discipline.

4. You missed out on sibling rivalry. 

Wait… that’s not a bad thing at all. I enjoyed not getting punched in the face by an older brother.

Yesterday: Four Perks of Being an Only Child

Word count: 235 words.

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