Four Perks of Being an Only Child

I am an only child. I grew up with no siblings, just my mom and my dad. Often when I tell people that, I get looked at almost with pity. While it’s true that being an only child can be a lonely life, it really isn’t so bad. Here’s why:

1. You have a close bond with your parents.

I won’t lie, this isn’t exclusive. In fact, I know a couple of OC’s who’s parents were not particularly involved in their child’s life. Still, buy and large parents tend to value their one child a great deal. This leads to a close parent-child relationship.

2. You get to explore the person that you are.

I value this, and I am fiercely appreciative of my own identity. Everyone is unique, but with siblings that uniqueness is overshadowed by the challenge of living in relationship with others. I enjoys having the time to meditate on my own life.

3. You tend to get a boost in intelligence or creativity. 

In theory, the time spent socializing with siblings when you’re an only child gets replaced by time spent learning, creating, and maturing. This helps the child to discover his or her own talents more easily than with siblings. Of course, that time could also be spent doing number four.

4. You have plenty of time for video games.

Yeah… it’s more likely that you’re just going to become a nerd. Oh well, nerds are awesome.

Tomorrow: Four Drawbacks of Being an Only Child.

Word Count: 246 words.

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