Five Advanced Words You Can Drop Into a Conversation

Whether you’re interacting with a class, at a party, or you just want to befuddle your best friend, sometimes it just feels good to use a really fancy word that nobody expects. I know the feeling. Sometimes I want to do it too. Here’s a helpful starter kit, with five words you can start using right now.

1. Flummoxed

“I was completely flummoxed at Mark’s inability to understand this math problem.”

This is one of my favorite words because I love seeing people’s expressions when I drop this on them. It simply means bewildered or perplexed, but I rather think it describes the face of the person I’m talking to.

2. Halcyon

“Going to the beach was a very halcyon experience.”

Would you rather say calm and relaxing, or would you rather say halcyon? I’d rather say halcyon.

3. Pedagogically

“It is a good idea pedagogically to start with Aristotle when teaching communication.”

No, this word had nothing to do with the controversial Sia video. It actually has to do with teaching and education. Specifically, it’s how to best convey knowledge to students.

4. Ameliorate

“I worked hard this year to ameliorate my habit of disorganization.”

Ameliorate simply means to make something that is bad a little bit better. The hardest part is pronouncing it.

5.  Iconoclast

“Lauren’s iconoclast nature began to grate on her friends.”

You’ve heard of a hipster? This was the original word for it. An iconoclast is a person who attacks traditional conventions.

Word count: 242 Words

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