I Don’t Think We Deserve To Keep “Under God” In Our Pledge


Actually read the blog before raging, please. Thank you.

Us Christians have been fighting this for so long, I’m not sure we can look at it another way. And yet still, the question must be asked: can we really say we’re one nation “under God?” Because I wonder if we’re not lying to ourselves…

As of 2012, 77% of Americans still identify as Christians, so we’ve got that going for us. But marking a traditional religion on a sheet of paper in a fallible survey is one thing. Actually living a life with a conscious recognition of God in your life is another thing altogether.

I don’t see a lot of God left in our culture. Maybe it’s just because I spend every day on my college campus, but I see a lot of free floating ideas. It’s not America under God anymore. It’s the American grab bag. It’s everybody believing the ideology that works best for them. And I would venture that people mark Christian on that sheet of paper because they are too confused to mark anything else.

I have no doubt that the words “under God” will remain in the Pledge of Allegiance for a long time, because that’s part of American tradition. But I really don’t like the mixing of tradition and religion. Or more accurately, I don’t like the idea of “under God” being just a thing that people say because it’s there.

I want God to be seen as living and active in our culture. If we are to be under God, I want a society that sees his effects on everyday life like do. I want a society that actually worships him, not a bunch of confused people who only fear him enough to go to church once a year.

I’m not sure our nation deserves such a bold phrase in our pledge.

I want God to be in our schools, in our government, in our hearts. If we can’t have that, if we’re not truly a godly nation, I’d just as soon we stop kidding ourselves and take it out of the pledge.

Because without God we’d just be one nation.
One hopeless nation.



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