Why Women Shouldn’t Go Around Topless, and Other Crazy Fake-Feminist Ideas


I often identify with the social movement of feminism, when it is defined as seeking social equality between men and women. By identify I of course mean that I am full force in agreement that women should receive equal pay, equal societal expectations, and the opportunity to not be reduced to simply an object of sexual objectivity. Basically gender roles are dumb, and each person should be able to live life as he or she sees fit. Anything less is demeaning to both sexes.

But lately I’ve been seeing more and more of what I call “fake feminists.” While I can’t speak for every one of them, these people seem to have the notion that men are inferior, less intelligent, or less important than women. These sentiments are often manifested in some really, really misguided ideas.

I see men going around without a shirt on all the time. I should be able to go around topless too.

Is that what you want? Is that what you really want? All right, let’s talk about this. I am not a biology major, I’m just a guy with a degree in communications. Yet, even I know that man-boobs are different than woman-boobs.

While male breasts can house some impressive muscle for guys who work at it, that’s about the extent of a woman’s attraction towards them. Female breasts, however, are highly sexualized. They are, perhaps for some, even the most sexual part of the female body. Or, to put it another way: guys want to see your boobs. A lot. That’s exactly why there should be some red flags about public exposure of them.

I think maybe a bigger question is why it’s a cultural phenomenon that people wear clothes in the first place. And, that’s a question I will entertain. Now, I’m certainly not a proponent of people publicly appearing naked, on the contrary I much prefer nudity to have its own very specific occasions. What I’m saying is you may have a much better argument if you argue for clothes as a whole. Aren’t people’s bodies just the outcome of biology. Therefore, should people be allowed the option of not wearing clothes should they so choose? Shouldn’t clothes just be optional?

Again, I’m not a proponent of this, as I’m a fan of modesty. I’m just trying to set people on a more logical course. Mostly, I’m just trying to figure out why going topless would, in any way, further the cause of women’s equality.


But… but breasts are not a sexual organ.


Just because they serve the dual purpose of breastfeeding does not mean they do not play a large part in romantic intimacy. When they are touched (by the person you’re married to, because that’s how sexual relationships are supposed to work), it is supposed to feel good. To say otherwise would be like saying the male penis is not a sexual organ just because guys also use it to go to the bathroom. It just doesn’t make any sense. Plus, ask anyone who has been a victim of revenge porn (leaking private nude pics on social media) if topless imagery isn’t harmful.

The proof is in yesterday’s top story.

The whole internet just saw the backlash caused by the release of topless pictures of Jennifer Lawrence. If that had been socially okay, it would have been greeted by a big “meh” from the internet and Lawrence. Instead, she is doing everything she can to persecute whoever flagrantly destroyed her privacy. Her life is ruined because people got a hold of pictures of her breasts. Breasts are highly personal, and highly sexual.

If you think girls should be able to walk around topless without judgment, you’re not a feminist. You’re a nudist.


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