Christians Versus Alcohol


Let’s talk about alcohol.
Let’s talk about Christians.

Wait, is that the sound of rioting in the streets I hear? Why of course it is, because such is the nature of this subject. I could go to ten different churches and grab ten different Christians. You know what I’d get? Ten different opinions.

In fact, let’s list the all from conservative to liberal. Again, all of these are Christian’s opinions on alcohol.

1. Never EVER let a single drop of that vile stuff ever touch your lips.
2. Only medicinally, you know like cough syrup and stuff.
3. Only on weddings.
4. Let’s let our kid taste the strongest stuff we can find so they’ll never want to taste it again.
5. Only on really special nights with my husband/wife.
6. Meh, it’s fine.
7. Meh, it’s fine but I’m REALLY REALLY scared I’m going to turn into a drunk zombie.
8. Jesus drank, why can’t I.
9. There’s nothing wrong with getting a little tipsy.
10 Woohoo! Party timmmeee… what was I doing again?

Now, I’ve never actually discussed this topic before, so it occurs to me you don’t know my opinions about it. But, if you’re an active reader, you know how I am about related topics such as predestination, euthanasia, and the existence of aliens. How are they related, you may ask. They’re related because when people ask me how I feel about them, I’ll always answer:

I don’t know.

Here’s my opinion.

I feel like alcohol is bad thing more than a good thing, most of the time. I see what it does to people’s lives, and can’t help but wonder why they don’t feel content.

I’m 22, and I have never tasted alcohol. I didn’t even go out on my 21st birthday to drink. I remember exactly what I did. I played video games. And you know what… I bet I had more fun than a person who went out to drink. Why? Because I’m not dealing with the crushing weight of discontentment in my life. Because I have a high level of joy in my life.

I think it’s a very good idea to ere on the side of caution. If abused, alcohol can ruin your life and the life of those around you. Don’t let it become an important thing in your life. I haven’t drank not because I think it’s evil, but simply because I haven’t gotten around to it yet. I’m sure one day I’ll try a beer or sip some wine over a nice dinner. Still, alcohol is not particularly important to me, nor will it ever be.

But here’s the thing. I don’t judge people who drink. You may very well be just as content with your relationship with Christ as me. And I think that’s great.

And there’s my opinion. I don’t know. I am number 11 on the list.

I don’t understand why the debate of alcohol is so extreme among Christians. Is it because of the few people who abuse the bottle to the point of devastation? To say that those who drink are automatically on the path of drunkenness and debauchery seems a pretty extreme. Of course, to say that those who don’t drink are uptight jerks who never have any fun also seems a bit extreme.

It’s probably not a good idea to drink. But if you do, which you probably will, do so with extreme caution. Alcohol is not a balanced scale. There are no lasting benefits to drinking, but there are severe consequences for abuse.

Most importantly, it’s time for Christians to grow up about the topic. The Bible only refers to drunkenness, or the consistent abuse of alcohol, as being wrong. We should take our opinions about alcohol and put them aside. The most important thing for us to do is honor God and lead others to him.

That’s something we can all agree on, right? No?
Oh. Okay.

[Thanks Edward Macon for suggesting this topic.]


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