Just the word inspires a desire for exploration. But in this society where everyone works closely together and we know everything based on the internet, adventure is hard to find. 

But all is not lost.

Geocaching is simple in premise. A person creates a geocache. A geocache is a small hidden treasure that someone creates located somewhere in the world. It’s your job to locate the geocache, and loot the treasure. Here’s the trick. You must replace the treasure currently there with another one. The treasures are really never that great, but it’s not about that. It’s about the adventure. 

The internet is an important part of this hobby. All geocaches are archived on the Geocache website. On the site are hints and coordinates for finding the treasure. 

The best part is, it’s very cheap. The only costs are gas and little intrinsic treasures. Now if you excuse me, Nikki and I are about to go on a Geocaching adventure!

You can get started by going to this website: 


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