Top 5 Cheap Ways to Enjoy Your Summer – #5 Grill Out


Happy Memorial Day, everyone. For me, this marks the last day of my short summer vacation before I go back to classes. Speaking of which, guess who graduates this semester? This guy!

And we’re back with another TOP 5 List. Every day this week we’ll be counting down until we get to number 1 on Friday. This week we’ll be counting down five cheap ways to have fun this summer!

So, summer is here, and with it comes the 90 degree days. So, what better idea than to slap some meat on a grill capable of reaching 600 degrees? There’s nothing like grilling out to bring a family together, which is what my family is doing tonight.

However, I the concept of this list is to be cheap. It’s not so cheap if you’re grilling 5 rib-eye steaks, so let’s try to turn the price down a bit.

Use chicken fingers. Chicken fingers cost about $3.50 a pack, and there’s usually a lot in there. 

Cook sirloin steaks instead of rib-eyes. They’re about half the price. Still not cheap enough? You might could get away with using even cheaper chuck steaks. 

Burgers are always a great idea, just please don’t use pre-made patties. 

Grill veggies. They’re healthy and inexpensive.

Here’s the real trick. Tell everyone coming to bring an item. Be it their favorite kind of meat or chips or side dishes. That way you don’t have to pay for the whole bill and they get what the want. 

I encourage you to mix things up. Don’t go with the typical grill out formula. It’s a great way to spend time with family and friends, and it’s almost always cheaper than everyone going out to a restaurant. 


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