Finals are Here! Help!


Well, here we are folks. This happens twice a year; three times if you’re taking summer classes. That’s right, it’s the mad rush of finals

This is intense stuff. It really couldn’t have a better name, because a student feels like he or she is finally going to go crazy from stress. Also, if you flunk your finals, it could be the final day you’ll be enjoying college. Then you may be the person taking orders on the other side of your favorite fast food drive-thru. 

I’m convinced that worrying about finals takes years off of your life, so I’m here to help make things a little better. Each of these tips deal with the psychology of the situation, more than the actual studying aspects. There are plenty of tips out there for that. 

Divide and Conquer. Finals come in all shapes and sizes, like presentations, exams, and research reports. Most college students will either procrastinate, or will simply have a full work-load at every possible moment. The trick is to make smaller objectives for yourself and meet them. This will give you a sense of accomplishment and smaller, more attainable goals. Instead of saying I’m going to finish this report today, divide it out like this:

  • Finish Point 1 by 10:00 AM
  • Finish Point 2 by 2:00 PM
  • Finish Point 3 by 6:00 PM
  • Revise by 8:00 PM

Prioritize. Take a look at the big picture. What classes are you doing well in. What classes need improving. What assignments are worth the most points. Which assignments are due the soonest? Rank each assignment from 1-10 in priority, and get the 10’s out of the way first. 

Take Breaks. This is the most important. Take big swaths of breaks where you eat a meal, talk to your significant other, take a power nap, or play a video game. This is important because a person does his or her best work with a fresh mind. Breaks should always prioritize as a 10.

Celebrate. Even if you don’t feel like you did as well as you wanted to on your finals, celebrate. Going through this is a lot of hard work, and you want to get as many of those years back as you can. 

Above all, do not stress out about finals. Stress is the biggest enemy standing between you and a good grade. Just do the best you can, and everything will work out. 


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