Modified Version of Myself



A good writer knows that in order to convey the messages, themes, and stories that he wants to, he has to wrap them in an interesting and compelling package. A reader will not stay tuned for the message if he or she has to get through awful dialog and badly conveyed story points. 

Blogging has an equivalent. A good blogger will not lie, but will pen subtle shifts in reality in order to more closely fit the preconceived notion of “real life.” The blogger will alter reality just enough to where it looks good on paper. Since this phenomenon, to my knowledge, has never been documented before, I will give it a name.

This is the “Modified Version of Myself” principle. 

I am ashamed to admit, I have done it. I haven’t done it as much as most bloggers, but I do it. Let me give you some examples from recent blogs.

In fact, I will say that I’ve only seen one episode of Friendship is Magic in my life.”
Truth: I have actually only watched an internet review of one episode.

“What’s even stranger is that my girlfriend prefers Type B, even though she is far more organized and strict about things being in place than me. I swear she’s even changed the orientation of the toilet paper before when she’s been in my bathroom.”
Truth: My girlfriend confirmed that sehe never once switched around my toilet paper. So either she’s lying or I am.

I admit, rarely a day passes when I don’t mistake a girl for a guy at first glance.”
Truth: This should probably be changed to “rarely a month passes.”

Now, in my defense, these are all from funny blog posts. 

But I was praying this morning, and I don’t want to be like that. It’s not that there’s anything wrong with being a modified version of yourself when you’re writing, but it leads to insincerity. What you, the audience, needs more than ever is truthful statements and human ideas.

God is not impressed when we make our lives seem more exciting for people. In real life, people who do that tend to get found out. I’m a person who is trying to be more than the sum of my parts. I’m trying to be better than the people who try to manipulate their way to the spotlight. If I’m going to be known for my writing, I’m going to be known for who I am.

So no more modified me. You’re going to get the truth, completely. 


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