My First Kiss

Again, for you literalists, no Nikki was not the first girl that I kissed. But you’ve got to understand, that hatchet is WAYYYYY buried. So, no you’re not going to get a blog on my literal first kiss. Instead, you’re getting a blog on the first kiss that I claim.

And get that dang 3OH!3 song out of your head! It’s not wholesome at all.

Also, this post is still in honor of my five year dating anniversary with Nikki. It was just too long to put in the last post.


Okay, so this was us way way way back in the day, when I was 17 and she was 15. Yep, I took Nikki (who was in 8th grade) to my junior prom back in the infancy – no, the conception – of our relationship. And it was brilliant, as we would go on to start dating a few days later.

Before prom we ate at the late Ox Yoke Steakhouse in Wetumpka.

Funny story about that, actually. Nikki was not used to being all dressed up, wearing heels, and having such a big poofy dress. While walking out of the restaurant, she knocked over some poor old man’s cane. This caused a loud clash, silencing the whole room. Everybody looked at us. Shame on you, Nikki.

Anyway, during that time we talked as friends, but we had more chemistry than any couple in my class ever had. At prom we, quite awkwardly, tried to dance. However, we spent most of time talking and looking into each other’s lovely eyes.

Okay, so I know this is ridiculously sugary, so here’s a picture of two fighting bears to break the tension.


Anyway, so some of you might know all of that. What you don’t know is what happened after prom. #notwhatyouthink

Our “friendly conversation” was culminating as we enjoyed M&M McFlurries in the McDonald’s parking lot after we left the civic center. I drove her home…

And, there in the driveway of her house, we looked at one another for the first time with genuine romantic affection. Our eyes met and we knew we were going to kiss.

And we did.

And it was awesome.

But also awkward.

And yet still, I think very fondly of that night and that kiss. It was the icebreaker. It was the threshold from being friends to being much more than that. And now, we share a relationship so close nobody can break it.

So, that’s the story of my first kiss.


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