How Women Are Affected By The Media (Constant Pressure)

Pressure. A constant, unyielding social pressure. That’s what women in this society have to go through on a daily basis. And I feel bad, because it must be so very stressful.

You wake up. The new dawn is like a spark igniting a fire. And with that fire comes a constant need to fit in. A pseudo-need has been kindled in the hearts of women. A need to be better than all of the other girls.

The human element has been left to the past. The TV tells you who you are. What’s inside is no longer valid; what makes up a woman’s soul no longer matters. All that matters now is the perpetually aging machine that is a woman’s body.

When a person spends so much time trying to look beautiful, one forgets how to keep a lasting beauty from the inside ablaze. 

At the center of it all is the monster that is the media, and yes, I will be the first to vilify it. The media skillfully befouls a woman’s psyche to the point where she doesn’t understand the meaning of personality or identity. This is not a good thing.

The voice of the media is the voice of Satan.

You must be skinny. Skinnier than the rest. Don’t eat this, it makes you fat. Healthy is really just a word big people use to feel better.

Be sexy. In fact, what’s wrong with you if you don’t flaunt your skin? You must not be confident in yourself. You WANT guys to want to have sex with you. Oh, and those guys calling you dirty names. That means you’re doing something right. 

Here’s a bunch of products you should use, by the way. Natural beauty is just what they say about people who are “special.” I mean really, name a famous actress with so-called natural beauty. And don’t say Jennifer Lawrence. She’s plus-sized anyway.

See these models in fashion magazines? They are absolutely, positively, real people. We just… umm… touched them up so they’d print on paper better.  Yeah, that’s it.

Ha! You believe all that? Good, because now we have your soul (and your money). Good luck breaking out of these chains. 

That’s what the media tells you, except in an infinitely more subtle way. You don’t need me to tell you that this is madness. 

I don’t know you. But I do know you’re under constant pressure to be like everybody else. Consider that life is about more than your body and what rich industries tell you. Life is about finding who you are, and leaning on those who truly care about you. It is NOT about being the societal amalgamation of beautiful.

Stay tuned for part 2.

[Thanks to Nikki Headley for the suggestion.]


3 thoughts on “How Women Are Affected By The Media (Constant Pressure)

  1. Its strange how different it is for guys…I mean, it doesn’t seem to matter (to the media) what you look like or how heavy you are. In any movie you watch,the women are always skinny, while the men range from thin/muscular to way overweight.


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