My Thoughts on Justin Beiber


If you think that I’m going to say anything positive about Mr. Beiber, you’re wrong. That will not be happening on today’s blog, which can be summed up in one simple message.

I hate Justin Beiber. Not the person, but the idea of someone like him existing.

And that’s really all there is to it. But creating a qualitative meaning behind that hatred is a little bit harder. 

So I don’t like that tweens would follow him off a cliff. Okay.

So I don’t like that every time he inhales it’s breaking news. Great. 

So I think he’s completely talentless. Fine.

But can’t these be definitive traits of almost all celebrities? What makes myself and so many others single him out? I don’t really know.

I guess he’s just really easy to pick on.  He’s kind of like that kid in school who always got harassed just because he was there and didn’t quite fit in. 

Oh wait, that kid was me. I glad you guys all grew up.

Justin Beiber is a target of cultural bullying. The “smart, educated” culture uses Justin Beiber as a literal whipping boy for everything wrong with pop culture.

And yet knowing this doesn’t make me hate him him any less. I hope Justin Beiber accidentally writes a magic spell that makes him permanently lose his singing voice and turn into a girl. 

[Thanks to Steph Herndon Barnett for the suggestion!]





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