Mainstream Rivalry


Do me a favor. Go find your invisibility cloak in sneak into somebody’s house tonight. Just wisp in there when they’re opening the door. Great! All right, now don’t mess with anything. Don’t make any noises. I just want you to hang around until somebody turns the TV on to the news.

If you’re here in the South though, you’ll have to wait until the mini-marathon of Duck Dynasty is over. 

Make a note of what station they instinctively turn to. Now you know that family’s political affiliation. Here’s a handy guide.

CNN: Democrat
NBC (and their gazillion satellite stations): Democrat
ABC: Democrat
CBS: Democrat
BBC: Weirdo… oh and probably Democrat
FOX News: Republican

Welcome to the mudslinging match that is mainstream media. It’s frustrating because with the diversification of media, the objectivity is gone. Mainstream news now has to pick an audience and stick to it. After all, those ads aren’t going to sell themselves. 

The tragedy comes when we as consumers buy into the idea that what we’re being told is valuable as to how we live our lives. It is not. Mainstream media is notoriously biased, and that’s the way the want it. 

I’m unabashedly conservative, but I find no value in Bill O’Rielly or Megyn Kelly sitting there yelling staunch ultimatums at me. I’m sorry, but that’s not the way true opinion forming works. My only theory is that Republicans really like to get preached at… oh wait… 

And speaking of Megyn Kelly, this is unacceptable [not really safe for work or my blog]. You as a journalist are not required to sell your body. You’ve already sold your soul to FOX News. 

I would dare say the reason why Democratic television has more spread is because they can at least spread their lies while not sounding like an idiot. 

But in relation to both sides, with us consumers as the battle-line, I have a question for us. Do we really think these stations are trying to support the public interest? They’re controlled by smart money-hungry people. They sway our political interests so they can make more money. We are being manipulated. 

I beg all of us to do some things:

  • Keep up with the news.
  • Run everything you hear and see through a filter of common sense.
  • Form your own political opinions, separate from media and family (and preachers).
  • Rely on local stations.
  • For goodness sake, don’t believe anything you see on social media.

Political power is a huge factor in the rivalry of mainstream media. It’s best to avoid that battle altogether. 

[Thanks to Greg Denney for the suggestion!]


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