Top 5 Fictional Relationships – #1 Augustus Waters and Hazel Grace Lancaster


If you have not read The Fault in out Stars by John Green, you may not understand why this relationship transcended all others and landed at number one out my list. That, however, is probably the only reason why anyone wouldn’t put that relationship as number one on his or her list.

Witness the heartbreaking relationship. This is more than just an unequal balance of affection between the members of a relationship. No, they each love each other deeply, and have the most chemistry of any couple I’ve ever experienced in entertainment (if you can call this heavy-hitting story entertainment at all). They only problem is the fact that they’re both running out of time. Cancer is eating up both of their bodies, and there’s nothing they can do about it. 

It makes you ask a question. Why do two people who value each other so much have to experience tragedy? Why would God/fate/the universe/whatever you believe in twist life in such a realistically cruel way as to not allow these two wonderful people to spend a lifetime together? Why did it have to happen to them?

And so you watch them love one another. You laugh and cry with them. And in the back of your mind the shadow of death and tragedy looms. You know it’s coming. As you read, you prepare yourself for the unthinkable. But this is a relationship you can’t help but love like your own family. And the fact that you know tragedy is coming does nothing to console you. You just have to live with it. 

Hazel and Augustus: two people who deserved each other. Two people who deserved to live. And yet life goes on. Because “some infinities are bigger than other infinities.”

[Thanks Nikki Headley for the suggestion.]


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