Top 5 Fictional Relationships – #2 Amy Pond and Rory Williams


I’ll bet that a lot of you thought that if I did a Doctor Who relationship, it’d be The Doctor and Rose Tyler. While yes, that was a heartbreaking relationship, it wasn’t really romantic enough to make this list. Anyway, I feel like they deserve their own special place in television history and perhaps even their own blog. But Amy and Rory are more special as a proper couple on the show, and in effect make it in at number two on the list. 

Amy and Rory were the only married couple to ever travel with The Doctor. I admit at first I didn’t like this, but by the end of even the first episode this was no longer the case for me. I loved what they did with the characters.

But as with each of the other four couples on this list, there has to have been something to push it beyond just a good relationship. And I’ll give you a secret, it’s not Amy Pond. Rory is a man who deserves a medal for best husband in the universe. Rory is the committed man in a relationship with an imperfect woman. In short, Rory is too good for Amy.

Amy screwed up a ton, treating Rory like crap. From making out with The Doctor to being verbally abusive and treating him like an idiot to freaking forgetting Rory ever existed, Amy was not model human. Meanwhile Rory showed her unconditional love, seemingly ignorant of what was thrown at him. The paragon of this is when he waited 2,000 years, even becoming a Roman centurion, just to protect the place where Amy was held in stasis. 

Despite Amy’s occasional plea to the contrary, she did not know how to reciprocate the love that fueled Rory’s life. But that’s okay, because Rory was able to prove just how far he was willing to go for Amy. 

I know I seem to be bashing Amy Pond in this blog a lot, but I’m really not complaining. I love how they made her an imperfect wife, and left Rory to overcome her character. That’s how you make yet another great couple. I’m glad that in the end they got cut off from The Doctor. It gave them more time to focus on themselves.

Well, the time has almost come. What couple will be number 1? Feel free to leave your guesses.

[Thanks to Nikki Headley for the suggestion.]
[My streak of kissy pictures will come to an end today, as I can’t find one for tomorrow’s couple.]


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