Something About The Shower


Life is full of big decisions and complicated scenarios. One thing that every person does routinely is think intently about things. But everyone has that one place where he or she reaches the most clarity. A place where you can climb the mountain of life, look down, and see the big picture with unhindered perspective. This could be anywhere, from literally on top of a mountain to in the dark silence of your room. Running, in class, or in the bathroom, you can let those thoughts all form a mosaic of great ideas. My location is a bit unique. I think best in the shower.

For me the shower is where my thoughts free-flow into constellations of creative ideas and informed decisions. It’s where life-choices are created. Something about the hot water hitting my body and cleansing of my skin is conducive of intelligence. What can I say? If you stick around here long enough you’ll discover how strange I am. Anyway…

College choices, writing ideas, mathematical solutions, purchasing decisions, daily plans, spiritual realization, public speaking topics, and even breakup strategies have all been born in the shower. You can bet that if something big has ever happened in my life, it was first mulled over in the shower.

My first motto was “be careful what you decide in the shower,” because at first my shower-time decisions often ended in immediate regret. But as time passed, that regret reached a state of metaphorical metamorphoses where it turned from a bad to a good decision. Now my motto is a little different. Now I “only make decisions in the shower.”

So where is your place of clarity. I know exercise or meditation does it for many of you. Is there any other place where you can come to decisions of clarity?


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