Quality vs. Quantity


If for some reason you’re on here and you believe in Santa Claus, just know that I’m referring to a hypothetical alternate universe where Santa doesn’t exist but parents act like he does and are actually the one’s giving away presents. Now leave… you’re too young to read my blog.

I wasn’t at all shocked when I found out Santa wasn’t real. It was like third grade, so I must have been like nine years old. But for the next couple of years after I found out, Santa continued to bring me a bunch of small gifts. Things like candy, video games, maybe something kind of big like a bicycle. 

When I was about twelve, I told my parents that I would prefer that Santa bring me one big item per year instead of a ton of little ones. I told them, as a twelve-year-old, that I preferred quality over quantity.

I believe I got a Playstation 2 that very next year.

I still prefer quality over quantity. For me, this is especially relevant when it comes to friendships. It’s no secret that I don’t have many close friends. I’ve got a ton of acquaintances, but minimal people who know me beyond a professional or student-to-student level. I used to think this was a serious character flaw for me, until I began to embrace it. I enjoy having some alone time. I enjoy relying on only a few people.

The sheer depth; the exploration of your own as well as everyone else’s characters can only be accomplished when one puts quality over quantity. The ability to step outside of the box of humanity I exist in and see things from an objective perspective is something I wouldn’t trade for the world.

But I think the ultimate meaning behind the debate of quality or quantity comes down to one key word: fulfillment. What fulfills a person more? 

Quality, duh! Right? Well, that’s certainly how I feel. But then I made the mistake of watching some movie previews, which kind of took my argument for a loop. 

My “quality” girlfriend and I went to see American Hustle (a very good movie, but needs more Jennifer Lawrence) yesterday. The premise for every preview seemed to be the same. A person discontented with the relationship that he or she has, so that person goes and has as much sex with as many people as possible.

Suddenly, quality wasn’t good enough for them anymore. There’s something more. The grass seemed greener on the other side. 

But there lies the issue behind quality. The fight. Quantity is cheap and easy to obtain. It exists for the moment. Quality is never cheap… but it is worth fighting for. You must sacrifice for quality. You must take care of quality. You must love quality. Quality is fulfilling because of the fight.

[Thanks to Kimberly Waites for suggesting this topic!]


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