5 Rules of Blogging and Why I Break Them


I’m not a particularly big fan of rules, which is probably dangerous because I’m a communications major with a focus on public relations. It’s possible I love this field because it helps me decipher just how far I can go to be unique and creative without falling over the edge. 

There are many understood rules among bloggers. Some of them you can find on various lists of blogging tips, but many of them are simply blanket statements that seem to stifle who you are. Let’s talk about five of them.

You Need To Stick To Your Target Audience. This is the dumbest statement I’ve ever heard in my life. You need to find a target audience. You need to find a niche. If I here the word niche on one more publication about being a successful writer, I’m going to make a petition banning the word from the English language. 

There’s only one way to gain an audience, and that is to talk to the world. If a person doesn’t like or care about what I have to say in a post, he or she can always come back tomorrow. But I should not have to limit the people reading about my life to young adults from Alabama. Life is a far more all-encompassing expierence than what can be limited to a socioeconomic group. The haters need to shut up and let me talk to whoever I want to. That’s the only way people will come to my blog in the first place.

Don’t Always Hit That Publish Button. The way I see it, there are only two reasons to not press the shiny red (umm… in my case blue) publish button. If the blog post is absolute grammatical crap, or if you’ve said something hurtful about somebody in particular. When that’s the case, fix the problem and then publish it.

I’ll give you a free pass if a house fire breaks out, but you better go back and publish it later. 

Keep Your Secrets A Secret. This could be true, but in my case it lacks one very important piece of information. You see, I have no secrets. My life is an open book, and everything there is to know about me is contained within the annals of the 65,000 words (and growing) of this blog. 

The way I see it, a life with secrets is no life at all. It’s a collection of evasions, keeping one person after another from finding out how dark you really are. Well here’s the truth, I am dark but I strive to be more and more like the savior I love every day. And by reading my blog, you are coming along for the ride. My life is an open book.

You’re Supposed to Seem Perfect. All these famous people like to put themselves out there and posture that they never mess up. People listen to them, thinking that they know far more about the secrets than they do. Well I’m not going to let you do that. 

What you get from me is my life of vulnerabilities and my joy. Everything from my deepest darkest doubts that I ponder in the dead of night to the joyousness that I try so very hard to convey to everyone daily. I know nothing more than what God allows me to know. I’m just trying to grow as a person.

There Are Taboo Topics You Should Never Write About. Yeah… no. I am fearless when confronting any topic. So you as an audience needs to be prepared for anything. I promise to handle any topic I choose tastefully and with respect to everyone. 

But I don’t run. If something needs to be written about or just won’t seem to go away, I’ll attack it head on.

So there you have it. A Link to the Matt will never follow conventional blogging wisdom. Why? Because it’s not a conventional blog. It is, in fact, a link to my soul.


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