The Great Toilet Paper Debate



If irrelevant debates were relevant debates, this would be the most important debate in all human history. Should toilet paper face forward or backwards on the dispenser?

What’s hilarious is that this debate really has become a part of our culture. So much so that I make a note of the toilet paper orientation of every house I go to now. If I’ve been to your house, I know how you display your toilet paper in your bathroom.


Generally, and I truly mean generally because there is no set principle, people who are more organized and serious are Type A, while people who are more laid back and carefree prefer Type B. 

So I asked my grandmother, who tends to be organized, what she prefers. She prefers Type A, which makes plenty of sense.

But what’s weird is that I prefer my toilet paper Type A, even though I tend to be more laid back and perhaps a bit disorganized. 

What’s even stranger is that my girlfriend prefers Type B, even though she is far more organized and strict about things being in place than me. I swear she’s even changed the orientation of the toilet paper before when she’s been in my bathroom. She cites Type B as being less obstructive and easier to access.

But the general conclusion, at least on social media, is that Type A is a more popular, more proud choice. And while I am a Type A, I feel that we shouldn’t discriminate against those who make different choices in their toilet paper orientation. 

Actually for real, I think this whole debate is pointless and silly. The only time I really care about toilet paper is when it’s not there.

[Thanks Robert Duckett for suggesting this topic!]


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