What’s With My Blog’s Title?


Some of you are still befuddled by my blog’s name, “A Link to the Matt.” I know you are, and so I’m going to do my best to clear it up. A Link to the Matt means a lot of things, but the title is mostly symbolic.

It’s a pun based on the title “A Link to the Past.”


This is the most obvious inspiration for my blog’s name. Note how “past” and “Matt” both share the same second and last letter, making it an effective pun.

On a side note, when I first starting doing this blog, it was sugguested by my dearest dear to remove the word “the” and just make it “A Link to Matt.” To this I said no. The “the” must stay to complete the pun.

Also, I like to feel at least a little important and singled out. I’m not just any Matt. I’m the Matt.

But there’s a little more to it than just ripping off a game title.

The Title Has Multiple Symbolic Connotations.

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past is not the best Zelda game by far, but it easily has the most epic title. The title means so much in the context of the game.

The protagonist is named Link, and he goes to the past. He goes to the past via a link. So already you don’t know if it literally means if a Link [is going to] the past of if it’s just talking about a metaphysical link to the past. Or both… You see, Link is the link to the past. 

Basically, you can interpret the title in many different ways. With my blog, you can do the same.

I am Matt. Hi, nice to meet you. That’s not in dispute. But what could the link be. Perhaps you’re the literal type, and you know that my blog is a website. Often, when we want to go to a website we’ll use a hyperlink, which in this age we simply shorten to link. And that’s great if you think this way. But there’s more to it. 

There’s a connection between you and me.

What does the word link mean at it’s core. It mean a connection. When you come to my blog, you’re experiencing me in one of my most pure forms. You’re linked to the long processed thoughts of my mind and soul. These words are my opinions, these words are my doubts, these words are my soul. 

Maybe it wouldn’t be too much to say that if you are reading, understanding, and empathizing with these words, that we are connected. You the reader and I the writer are, in fact, linked. And so when you come here you are experiencing a link to the Matt. And when I’m reading your blog, I’m experiencing a link to the Myra or a link to the James.

A good blog title can be interpreted in many ways, and I feel mine can be. So be confused no longer, and interpret my blog’s title however you want. 





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