So you’re going to be thankful for all you have in the world, and then you’re going to go kill each other in the name of greed. ALL IN THE SAME DAY?

Really? Well that just doesn’t seem right at all. 

I don’t know how it happened, but this is part of our culture now, isn’t it? We are a culture representing a Jekyll and Hyde mentality. Thank you God for all the luxuries you’ve blessed me with, NOW GIVE ME MY NEW TV!!!

And I’m going to have to put up with this forever now. Businesses have cracked the code that the day after Thanksgiving (heck, even Thanksgiving night, now) is the BEST time to put on massive sales. And culture can’t resist physically injuring one another for the sake of saving a few dollars on something you can probably get online for cheaper.

There is no grace here. There is no kindness her. All that exists on Black Friday is pure self-interest. Get back home this afternoon and ask yourself if your new tablet or clothes at a discount is worth the money, lost sleep, and negligence of personal morality. People change on Black Friday. People are evil on Black Friday.

I’m personally holding out for Cyber Monday, where I can buy everything you guys DIDN’T destroy at even bigger discounts. All part of MY evil plan. Hahahaha,

[You can’t take everything I say completely seriously. You know that, right?]


2 thoughts on “I HATE HATE HATE Black Friday

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