Stolen Worship


Is it God or a girlfriend? Seriously, next time you listen to a love song, ask yourself that. Often, the lyrics in love songs versus the lyrics in God-songs are almost indistinguishable. 

On the way home tonight, I was listening to the radio. Not just any radio, but my super-cool satellite radio. There I heard the song… and this is a mouthful… “Strangers” by Seven Lions, Myon, Shane 54, and Tove Lo.

While I had heard that song several times before, something struck me. Generally, something striking you while driving can never end well. This time, however, it was this thought that inspired this blog post:

I can’t tell if this song’s about God or a lover. 

I mean really, take a look at the chorus. 

And without you I can’t be
You’re the universe to me
You’re the air in my lungs
You’re the fields where I run
You’re the sky where I’m floating

I mean really, how many worship songs have you sung with lyrics remarkably similar to this? I can think of three right now. 

Then I heard the next song… “Siren” by Kat Krazy and elkka.

“Oh, this has GOT to be a lover song,” I thought to myself. I mean, listen to the crunchy provocative dance rhythm and look at the, well, strange cover art. But…

And I’ll save ya when the sky falls 
Can you hear the siren call? 
So together we can break down the walls 
Can you hear the siren call? 
Now I’m everywhere you know 
That I’ll never let you go 

Woah, wait a minute. Could this be Jesus speaking to one of his children? Goodness knows Christian artists have spoken in for Jesus in the past (I’m looking at YOU Jon Foreman).

In both of these songs, the only real indication of romantic love is in the bridge, and in both of these songs, it’s not exactly blatant. 

Now, if you listen to these songs it’s obvious the artists are just madly in love or more likely just infatuation. But this begs a really important question.

Why are you stealing our worship lyrics, secular music?

You know that Christian that has the guts to tell you that the songs can be taken both ways. Really? Fine, next worship service I go to, I want it to be all Black-Eyed Peas and Adele. After all, “I Gotta Feeling” is totally about getting in the mood to worship. 

No. It’s not. That’s why tomorrow we’re going to talk about how “Christian Music” is the blandest thing on the radio. But I digress.

I love my girlfriend, but she is not a God. While our love is so incredibly impactful and important to my life, and I absolutely must let her know that.

She is not the air I breath. She is not my savior. She is not the Rock I cling to when all goes wrong. Jesus is. My God is. And that kind of love is the only one worthy of some of these boundless lyrics in these songs.


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