So Your Blog Needs a Name?

Names. They stop us from every creative work under the sun. I’ll bet that more than once you’ve been stopped from writing that short story, song, or poem because you simply couldn’t come up with a solid name. I know I have. And while a good workaround for everything mentioned earlier is to simply name your work last, a blog doesn’t work that way. You need to have a name for the blog from the very beginning in order to establish its identity.

So you need a good blog name? Here’s how you do it in five not quite so easy steps.


1. Consider your blog’s theme.

So you’ve gone and set yourself up a Tumblr or a Blogspot or a WordPress (WordPress is the best. I would know, as I’m using it now). That’s great but… what do you want to write about?

Is your blog related to a specific topic, like computers or photography? Or does your blog cover multiple topics, like mine?

Is your blog serious, with little to no joking? Or is it full of jokes, references, and humor in an attempt to build a laid-back community?

The answers to these questions will not only help you focus your writings, but will also help you come up with solid titles.
2. Consider your blog’s audience.

Who is going to be reading your blog? Is it a personal blog, meant for friends and family? Or do you intend to “try to go mainstream with it”?

If it’s a personal blog, you can inject it with all of the “inside-jokes” you want. Seriously, go nuts building a framework of life experiences that only your friends will get.

But if you want a wide readership, you are unfortunately going to want to at least slightly conform to cultural norms. You want something either really catchy or really serious, depending on your theme.

If it’s a religious blog, you may want to consider taking a phrase from your religious text. If it’s a tech how-to-guide, you can’t go wrong including a name of a component or a procedure. Either way, make sure it’s something your audience will recognize before ever coming to your blog.
3. Make it short and simple.

Brevity is not a requirement in a blog post, but it absolutely a requirement in naming your blog. Keep it 5 words or less. In fact my blog name, A Link to the Matt, may run a little long. It also contains two articles and one infinitive. The only reason I’m using it is because it is awesome, of course, and it references something equally awesome.

Your title needs to be memorable. It needs to roll of the tongue with ease, and contain ZERO complicated words. Have you ever seen a tech blog called Servomechanism Alley? I didn’t think so. And yet Servo Alley sounds a heck of a lot better. And yes, the first one to actually make a blog by that name can use it. You’re welcome.
4. Inject your personality.

Next is integrating personality, and that is where I feel my blog title really shines. Yes, A Link to the Matt is a reference to A Link to the Past, a SNES Zelda game. And it’s even more than that.

On the internet, how you get from one place to the other is a link. A link to the Matt. As in me. Also, it rolls off the tongue. There is no word over 4 characters.

But enough about my blog. What should you do? Consider yourself. What are some of your favorite things? What’s one of your favorite words? Who it one of your favorite people? Don’t be scared to mix and match words until you find something you can repeat over and over again. When you find something you enjoy each time you say it, you’ve got a winner.
5. Come up with multiple titles.

Don’t stop at one title. Follow steps 1-4 until you run completely out of good titles. Scratch the names you like the least off of your list, and then get your friends to vote on which one they like the most. Don’t just do this with one group, as they may be too similar. Let friends of every race, religion, and status vote. Get their feedback, and then carefully pick out the winner.

And there you have it. A winner! Just be sure to Google your blog’s name (in quotes) so that you can be sure it’s unique.


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