I feel like, despite the fact that I’m a devoted Christian, I spend most of my time taking up for people who do not believe in Christ. It’s great to keep an open mind, relating with other people’s beliefs, but sometimes I just have to stand with other Christians. This is not out of lack of logical intelligence or conceit. This is simply a matter of knowing the rationale behind what I believe. I say all of that to say the following.

If you don’t believe in God’s love, you are blind. That is not to say stupid or ignorant. Just blind. Basically that means that the truth has been blocked out by something. I don’t know what that is for you. Maybe it’s been drowned out by Satan, or logic, or ego, or money, or fun. But if it’s logic, if it’s science, then I have a few words for you.

I believe in God because I know what he has done for me. The evidence has been demonstrated by the things I’ve done in my life. I also believe in God because I’m unwilling to live in a universe only comprised of finite principles and hopelessness. I believe in the sacred. I believe in the eternal. I am unwilling to accept that this life is all that we have.

I believe that there is a word for what I’ve ultimately described. That word is faith. And while running faith through the scientific method may result in a error, I contend that it makes it no less valid.

Look, I wish that there was overwhelming scientific evidence for God, but there simply isn’t. If there were, there would be no atheists. And to speculate, maybe it’s because God works outside the boundaries of human logic. He is, after, the creator of so much more than we understand. Part of faith is becoming comfortable with the fact that we are simply incapable as humans of knowing everything. That is an infinite God’s job.

Maybe by opening your mind so wide to consider everything, you inadvertently close you mind to believing the most impossible of all things. That of an infinite God. What’s more, that of a God who wants to save us from an eternity in Hell.

And if you don’t believe in all of this impossibility, I don’t blame you. It’s because you are looking at it through your own lens, whatever that lens may be. As bad as I hate to say it, you are blind. You are incapable of seeing how God can exist.

My fear of death is strong, but my faith in God is stronger. Even if I am a highly logical person who needs things to make sense, God doesn’t have to make sense for me to know he’s there. And I didn’t have to be at that cross for me to know that Jesus died for me.





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