Defining Moments and Subway Sandwiches

Like a distinct laugh or peculiar mannerism, everybody has a Subway sandwich that defines them. It’s a sub that the person in question will get almost every time he or she walks into the infamous sub shop.

What’s mine? Glad you asked.

Footlong Spicy Italian
Honey Oat Bread
Pepper Jack Cheese
3 Tomatoes, cut in half
Light Onions and Bell Peppers
PLENTY of Pickles
1 Line of Lite Mayo
Salt and Pepper
Parmesan Cheese

Now I’m not saying that there is any correlation between the nature of a person and their sandwich preference, but you’ve got to admit that you’ve got a sandwich preference almost as unique as mine.

What if I told you that this is perfectly fine? Each person has their own quirks, and until we all star embracing our own, as well as every one else’s unique personality traits, we will cease to be the social giants we should be. To be ashamed of yourself for being yourself in the presence of others defeats the point of being human.

Don’t conform to be like others. I love you for who you are, even if I don’t even know you.


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