Bad Things – God or Satan’s Responsibility?

The great quandary of the Christian faith. Why do bad things happen to good people? What is the meaning behind Sally’s mom dying, your dad losing his job, or my freaking sciatic nerve being inflamed in my back even though I’m just 21 years old.

But who is responsible for the bombing at the Boston Marathon? Who is responsible for that huge pile-up on I-85? And who is responsible for terror, war, hunger, and suffering.

Did Satan do it? Did God cause it to happen though direct action (or lack of action)? Is the world just crappy, and God chooses when he intervenes?

This is a difficult topic, only exacerbated by the fact that the world is routinely in a sad state of affairs.

The answer to all of these questions is, of course, that I don’t know. I don’t know why a loving, graceful God allows/causes bad things to happen to good people. I only know that he does, and that there’s a lot more going on around here than we know.

And what I mean is this… God wrote an entire book on the matter. It’s called Job. And I feel like that before you ask why bad things happen to good people, you should be required to read Job. You see, in Job, God does his best to remind Job of how incomprehensibly powerful he is versus how finite Job is. It’s pretty powerful. Here is the link to Job 38, one of my favorite chapters in all of scripture.

Now I’m not saying you’ll find the answers you’re looking for in Job, but, well, you’ll certainly understand the term “fear of God” better.

I think we look far to deep into why thinks happen. If you think about it, there’s really no point. What’s God trying to teach me, I feel, is not nearly as important of a topic of debate as how can I serve God through my current predicament. I don’t feel that it is our responsibility or even our right to try to understand the strategy and timeline set forth by our God.

In simplistic language, I guess what I’m saying is this. “Who cares who causes evil?” Evil doesn’t make God less powerful, and it doesn’t make Jesus less of a savior. Pain doesn’t make Satan less evil, or tragedy less painful. This question is simply something that attempts to soothe human pain.

I know I seem like I’m taking a hard line on this, but asking overanalytical and recursive questions like this is like spinning your wheels in mud. The deeper you get, the less chance you have of getting anywhere.





2 thoughts on “Bad Things – God or Satan’s Responsibility?

  1. I like the insight that William Craig gives on the issue (

    Long story short:
    – our perspective of human history is incredibly limited; God’s perspective is thorough (I mean, he kinda wrote the book). We have no place judging the goodness or badness of singular events, because we don’t know how those events or their repercussions will play out in the long run.
    – And other important points (Dr. Craig just puts it so much more eloquently than I could).

    Glad I found your blog!


    • Hello Kitty Tacos (what an interesting user name). I appreciate you sharing your insight on the matter. The link you gave me has some great points!

      I like your blog as well. Keep it up. Thanks for becoming part of the (slowly, slowly growing) A Link to the Matt community. See you around.
      P.S. Like my Facebook page if you want.


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